About Us

ConsultantDeck is a critical link for connecting smart companies with talented consultants. Companies can quickly and flexibly engage with consultants who can elevate their business. Meanwhile, registered consultants are exposed to client opportunities where their significant expertise can be deployed for significant business impact. The company was formed by longtime business executive Rick Campfield who has witnessed the need for ConsultantDeck from the vantage of both a company executive and a consultant.

Founder Story

After receiving a mechanical engineering degree, Rick Campfield dove headfirst into the corporate workforce, amassing 20 years in sales, operations, marketing and business management for multinationals Siemens and Johnson Controls. He then spent a decade in leadership and consulting roles for smaller regional companies while also securing a mid-career MBA. His culminating project drew focus on an obvious gap he had experienced personally. On the one hand, companies need to find expertise quickly to take their business to the next level. On the other, more and more consultancies are emerging as an easy way for talented professionals to apply their expertise with multiple clients. The missing link – despite a decadelong wave of matchmaking platforms, none were designed to link the busy company executive with the talented consultant. In January 2019, Campfield decided he would step up to fill this critical gap. He picked up his work-in-progress, engaged a series of advisors and technicians, and began building ConsultantDeck.

Team Beliefs

We are a passionate team each bringing many years of executive and consulting experience. We utilize niche consultants and our Board of Advisors provide guidance, insight and accountability. We do as we say – we reach out to experts as needed to ensure the best opportunity for growth. We rely upon a virtual workforce at this early stage.

The foundation of our company is built on values of integrity, humility, trust, respect, innovation, drive, and a healthy work-life balance. Our guiding focus is that when staff is taken care of, they’ll do great work and serve our clients well, who in turn will take care of our finances.

We desire to make a lasting difference in businesses – both companies and consultants. When companies get better, so does our economy.


We are self-funded to date. Our plans likely will require investor capital as ConsultantDeck gains early traction. If you are interested in investing, please contact us .

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