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Date of Last Revision: January 7, 2020

ConsultantDeck is an online community of intelligent and experienced members.  Our goal is to create and maintain a pleasant and welcoming environment for everyone.  We host and welcome a variety of diverse opinions, and ask that all of our participants adhere to our Terms of Use (“Terms”) , Privacy Policy (“Policy”) and this Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”) (collectively referred to as “Entire Agreement”)  to foster a professional environment and comply with certain laws and regulations. If you do not agree with the Entire Agreement, you shall not use the ConsultantDeck Services, website or application.

We reserve the right to amend or modify these Guidelines at any time and in our sole discretion. You shall review these Guidelines from time-to-time, and we will post any amended or modified Guidelines to the website. Your continued use of the ConsultantDeck services, website or application thereafter shall be considered your acceptance of the updated Guidelines.

1. Restrictions. Be kind and respectful, and keep it clean.  While ConsultantDeck maintains a relatively open forum, this is a professional website devoted to professional services.  So please do not engage in personal attacks, harassment, assault, stalking, threats, deliberate hostility, insulting, provocative, bigoted or hate speech; it will not be tolerated and will not be posted.   Profanity, obscene language or photos will not be tolerated and will not be posted.  When giving advice to other members, please remember that honesty and kindness are not mutually exclusive.   All questions, responses, and reviews are moderated by ConsultantDeck, however we will not be liable or responsible for any action, claim, or allegation made against you in regards to your actions on the ConsultantDeck website or application. You shall be solely responsible for all actions taken under your account, and shall ensure that your login credentials and security is protected.

2. Content and Solicitation. Regarding questions and answers, be sure to post your topics and responses in the appropriate forum, and keep in mind that any off-topic banter which is disruptive to a thread’s discourse may be removed.  We reserve the right to remove any language or content that we believe violates our policies, including these Guidelines. We also reserve the right to delete or suspend your account associated with the ConsultantDeck services in our sole discretion and at anytime. We suggest that you avoid writing "Hire a Consultant" as your sole answer to a question.  While this may be the right answer for a particular question, readers benefit from elaboration: explain why hiring a Consultant is important in this case.  Spam or content that is irrelevant to the question will also be removed.   Think twice about copying and pasting the same answer to multiple questions. Additionally, guides with a substantial amount of content that you did not author will be taken down.  You shall not generally solicit clients or users of the ConsultantDeck services.

3. Personal Information. For companies and users looking for consulting services or answers/guidance/advice, when posting questions or comments, we ask that you don't give out personal information such as home or email addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, etc., (“Personal Information”). We are not liable or responsible for the unauthorized use or dissemination of the Personal Information that you make available on the Site in violation of the Entire Agreement. We only collect and process data, including Personal Information, according to our Policy. You shall indemnify us and our employees, agents, directors, officers and advisors (“Indemnified Parties”) from any action, claim, injury or damage caused by or arising out of your violation of these Guidelines.  You may, however, contact Consultants directly from email links or phone numbers displayed on their profiles and then exchange personal contact information.  Please ask questions directly related to your issue(s).  The best questions are brief and to the point.  Do not post spam or irrelevant content.

4. Consultants. For consultants, refrain from self-promotion outside of your profile.  We encourage you to share information about your business or practice with the ConsultantDeck community; however, we ask that you do this in your profile and not in public forums or by spamming other users. Regarding response to questions: A) do not directly solicit clients as part of an answer, disclaimer, guide, or peer endorsement. Examples of direct solicitations are language such as "call me, contact me, go to my website for further information, etc". Similarly, do not add contact information or links to your website in answers or answer disclaimers. Such information will be subject to removal. A link to your profile is displayed next to each of your postings, so contact information is already available to readers who wish to contact you.  B) The content of your postings should always remain non-commercial in tone.  C) Don’t simply post the statement “I agree” in the answers and comments without any other information.

5. Reviews.  Reviews are monitored by ConsultantDeck prior to being posted.  We are looking for the personal experience you had as a result of hiring or a consultation conducted with a ConsultantDeck consultant.  We encourage you to share with the community what delighted you or frustrated you about your experience.  Please be factual and accurate. We are not liable or responsible for any libel, slanderous or false remarks or reviews posted on the ConsultantDeck website. ConsultantDeck does not verify or investigate reviews, and we won’t take sides when it comes to disputes.  We may however, remove reviews in our discretion. You have the right to contact us and request a removal of a review, but we are in no manner obligated to assist or remove the review. Should your review include accusations of criminal activity or unethical behavior, it must include some specific factual details.  The more serious the accusation, the more specific you need to be.  It is expected that you will stand behind your review. 

We appreciate your compliance with these Guidelines. While we are devoted to free speech, we reserve the right to remove posts that do not respect these Guidelines or that detract significantly from our users' experience on the site. Failure to comply with any of these guidelines may also result in the temporary or permanent loss of posting privileges and/or removal of profile.   We reserve the right to remove any post, thread or Member whom we deem to be in violation of the Community Guidelines or of detriment to the spirit of our Community.

If you have any questions, technical issues, feedback, requests or would like to report any infractions, please contact us at

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