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Dave Barcos

The Startup Brand

Vancouver, Washington, USA Registered 02 May 2015

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  • Marketing
    Digital Marketing
    Graphic & Print Design
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  • Professional and business services
    Advertising and public relations services
    Management, scientific, and technical consulting services
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  • English
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  • USA
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  • USA
    Pacific Northwest
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  • The Startup Brand
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  • 01 Apr 2015
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  • The Startup Brand is a boutique design and branding company specializing in helping early stage startups develop a brand to accelerate their business.
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  • We get to the heart of a brand. We focus on the core motivations and desires of a company and build an amazing.
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Answered 1 question

Answered 4 years, 3 months ago

How do we mitigate any viral video damage that may come back to our company from an employee being careless? In the age of transparency powered by technology, there is little you can do to stop this from happening. is an open listing where people get to say anything they want (within the law) about their experience in interviewing and working at your company. On the policy side: - You can address in the long term by putting in place an HR policy to cover employee ethics, guidelines, and behavior. - You can choose not allow phone/video to be taken in the workplace. The short answer is - Be a better place to work so people won't want to leak. And work harder to get better employees that won't leak. I also suggest if a leak does happen you get a PR firm to help you get in front of the problem and get proactive about addressing the leak. Also, don't make something out of it until others do. Just because a leak happens does not mean it warrants a response. That should be based on the impact of people's reactions to the video. For example, people are outraged and called watchdog organizations, your top client is pulling an account, SEC is filing charges, etc. Look to address with the individuals who are reacting first, then measure sending a public response. If you do I suggest the EAT IT model. It's about respect and taking the high road. E - Explain what happened and your position (if it is misportrayed or different than people's reaction) A - Acknowledge the content (if it's valid) T - Treat the employee/ offenders with respect (especially if it was a mistake, not malice) I - Invite people with a reaction to address with you personally (like "make good" or "refund") This shows great will and conscienceless) T - Thank the community for bringing this to your attention so you can fix it and become better.

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