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James Phillips

Phillips Registered 09 Nov 2018

Expertise & Practice

  • Functional Area of Practice
  • Leadership
    CEO Training & Development
    CxO Training & Development
    Supervisor/Manager Development
    Staff Training & Development
  • Industry Focus
  • Professional and business services
    Management, scientific, and technical consulting services
  • Languages
  • English
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  • Preferred Service Area
  • USA
  • Geographic Experience
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Company Information

  • Company Name
  • Phillips
  • Date Founded
  • 15 Apr 2017
  • Size
  • 1
  • Company Description
  • Business at Scale Consulting, LLC is a coaching and consulting company that specializes in helping privately held companies reach their full potential. We work with business owners and leaders to identify personal and business goals, and create action plans with accountability to grow their businesses and improve their lives. Specialties include: Strategic Planning, Company Culture, Leadership Skill Development, Change Management, Exit Planning, and Effective Communication Skills.
  • Company Philosophy
  • Business at Scale helps privately held business owners achieve their personal and professional visions of success. Do you feel that you own a job more than a business? Does the business own you and your time? Do you feel alone in the business, left on an island to make the big decisions? Are you ready to take your business to the next level and would find value in new insights and perspectives? We help by bringing business owners together in owner advisory boards and one on one coaching..
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