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Ron Arp

Amplify Group Inc.
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BRUSH PRAIRIE, Washington, USA Registered 17 Jun 2014

Expertise & Practice

  • Functional Area of Practice
  • Marketing
    Content Marketing
    Digital Marketing
    Event Planning & Promotion
    Graphic & Print Design
    Market Research
    Media Relations
    Product Marketing
    Public Relations (incl. Media Relations)
  • Industry Focus
  • Professional and business services
    Advertising and public relations services
  • Languages
  • English
  • Ideal Company Phase
  • --------------
  • Preferred Service Area
  • International
  • Geographic Experience
  • International
    North America
  • Certification
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  • License
  • --------------
  • Degrees
  • Economics, Journalism

Company Information

  • Company Name
  • Amplify Group Inc.
  • Date Founded
  • 01 Feb 2008
  • Size
  • 1
  • Company Description
  • A strategic communications firm that addresses business challenges through an array of communications tools and approaches.
  • Company Philosophy
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  • Testimonies, White Papers, Books
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  • Customer History
  • Manage the nonprofit Butkus Foundation, serve as contract president of business leaders group Identity Clark County, have served 60 clients with projects and/or ongoing support.

Answered 1 question

Answered 4 years, 4 months ago

How do we mitigate any viral video damage that may come back to our company from an employee being careless? Highly situational. What was videotaped and why? Who did the video taping and why? Regarding the legal side, do they have clear policy against recording or sharing internal practices and did they follow their own policy? Overall, the best solution is to complete routine vulnerability assessments and address what you find before there is a problem. This should work in concert with establishing and training best practices, and of course, hiring the right people. The best defense is a good offense.

Reviews (1)
5.0 out of 5
Rick 23 Jul 2019

Ron is extremely creative and has an uncanny way to come up with unique and quite memorable tag lines. He works extremely well with a team and knows how to extract out salient information that drives an innovative marketing piece.

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