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How do I answer questions on the site?

Note: only registered Consultants can answer questions. Once registered:
1. Sign into your account.
2. Click on the "Research Advice" and use the Keyword or Functional Area search bar for questions of interest.
3. Click on the question you want to answer.
5. Respond to the question in the "Consultant Answers" dialog box .
6. Select "Submit Answer". Note: you will be able to preview your answer after selecting "Submit Answer".

How do I manage subscriptions and notifications?

Managing your Q&A subscriptions
1. Sign in to your ConsultantDeck account 
2. Click on profile picture on the upper right hand corner
3. Go to My ConsultantDeck
4. Click on the Q&A Subscription in your task bar
Managing your alerts?
1. Sign in to your ConsultantDeck account 
2. Click on profile picture on the upper right hand corner
3. Go to Account Settings
4. Click on the Email Preferences tab
5. Select the emails and notifications you would like to receive.

Can I see who asked the question?

All questions submitted through the Q&A forums are anonymous - email addresses, full name, and identity will not be posted with the question or shared with Consultants. 

How do I post my answers on social media sites?

With any initial launch, we had to balance our resources to add as much functionality to the site as possible. This feature will be part of future phases. Thank you for your patience as we improve the site by adding this and other functionality in the next phases.

How does "Flag" work and what is this exactly?

Any question and answer can be flagged ("Flag") by a user. Only the user that flagged the question or answered the question will be able to remove the flag ("Unflagged"). When a question is flagged, ConsultantDeck admin will get notification and review the question or response for appropriate deletion or modification. In some cases, the user will be emailed by ConsultantDeck admin for further clarification.

Will ConsultantDeck website work on any platform?

We utilized Responsive Web Design in the development of, and have tested the site on all Windows and Mac browsers. We tested the site on hardware platforms iPhone, iPad, and several laptop computers, including the Surface Pro. If you experience issues with the site, either visually or functionally, please let us know. We apologize in advance if your experience on your platform was less than satisfactory.

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