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Beyond the usual social media accounts/updates, what is the best starter digital marketing approach for small local B2B clients?

Detailed question - Digital is a vast sea for B2B, and may not even be the best approach in a word-of-mouth driven local market.

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Austin Black Alabama - Paia , USA

Reg. 28 Jan 2020

Answered 4 years, 3 months ago I have had a lot of success with a solid content marketing strategy. Develop a tool that your target market needs. Something that will be used for a critical business process. Ebook, Excel Template etc. Use that as pillar content and create micro tools as well. Give these away in a strategic sequence using your social and email channels. Provide massive value and then use that value as a mechanism to start a sales conversation. Using predictive lead scoring based on who has downloaded your tools can be a good indicator of where to spend your time as well.

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