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Is there a good CEO peer group that you like other than Vistage?

Detailed question - I have been to Vistage meetings in the past, but am looking for a group with peers of the same revenue size, revenue, and complexity as our business.

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John Lee Oregon - Portland , USA

Reg. 23 Jan 2020

Answered 4 years, 2 months ago Have you looked at C12? This is a Christian group that spun out of FCCI. Mike Burksmith is also in Camas and runs a group in Vancouver. I can introduce you if you would like. John

Rick Campfield Oregon - Portland , USA

Reg. 18 Dec 2019

Answered 4 years, 3 months ago There are numerous CEO peer groups in the market, including TAB, EO and a few faith-based groups (Convene, C-12). The one group worth considering is Inc. CEO Project. This group has a few unique qualities that sets it apart from others: 1) The advisors have all been executives, with their own war wound stories that helps provide insight to other CEOs; 2) they put CEO's in like size & complexity (homogeneous) and not in the same industry; 3) their curriculum is very focused on helping the CEO's identify constraints and options for removal. Every CEO gets to talk about their business in every meeting. They have a face to face quarterly meeting model and a virtual bi-monthly model. It's not a social club and there is no guest speakers nor book of the month club - just real issues CEO's face and working collaboratively together. I'd highly recommend checking them out.

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