I just concluded a call with a Marketing Professor at a major university. What he shared with me is what I already knew – be laser focused on 1 target audience launching https://buff.ly/2Z7IYY6 (or deploying a new product/service for that matter). Trying to approach too broad an audience could be a recipe for disaster, in many ways of which not the least is a failed business that doesn’t even get off the ground. He actually used the analogy of a heat-seeking rocket.

What’s funny about this discussion is that I’ve preached this to other leaders before, yet I was emotionally not ready to heed this advice; I don’t need to focus on just one when my great idea is so great it will be better for many.

Heat-seeking – that’s what’s needed – not a shotgun. Focus on the one audience that would see value in my great idea the most and be willing to engage for my solution. Got it. Do you?